Structured 3D

  • 3D animation uses computer program to manipulate three dimensional object and virtual environments.In this, at first an animator is needed to create a 3D polygon mesh which should have various vertices connected so that it gets a form. Then it is given a skeletal structure which is manipulated so that the object appears in different poses. Once the environment and objects are made, the software creates scenes which have more depth and looks more lifelike in comparison to 2D animation.
  • This form came into existence in the 1990s and this is also known as computer generated imagery.Currently, this is one of the most popular types of animation which is used in almost everything such as video games, TV shows, movies etc.For creating 3D animations, you need to have a computer and a 3D software program.
  • Such software provides a lot of features which allows an animator to experiment with modeling, rendering and simulation.Also tools for visual effects, physics and adding lighting are included. The main reason for 3D animation to gain popularity is it delivers a more realistic scenes and objects which can be a great visual treat for the viewers. Movies like Avatar and The Avengers are made using 3D animation.
  • 3D is also a favorite for people who are fond of video games since the look and feel of it makes it more interesting for the players. Like any other type of animation, even 3D animation demands a good understanding of how it works. Only then an animator can make do wonders with 3D animation.
  • This is an expensive program which can be a little difficult to learn for someone with a financial constraint.

Simple 2D

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