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Simple 2D

2D animation is a vector based animation which gained popularity in the last decade ... Learn More

Structured 3D

3D animation uses computer program to manipulate three dimensional object and virtual environments... Learn More

Latest Stories

Latest handpicked stories just for you to enjoy... Learn More

Experimental Methods

In a stop motion, photo of the object is taken and then it is moved slightly and again... Learn More

Traditional Animation

One of the oldest forms of animation is traditional animation which is also known as cel animation. In this, to create an animation sequence, an animator has to draw each and every frame. If you have seen the old animated series of Disney, that’s exactly what they used to do. Such drawings which are done in a proper sequence can create an illusion of motion when they are screened quickly.

So, it is quite tedious and time taking since the animator draws images on a paper which is transparent in nature with colored pencil and at a time only one frame is drawn.Initially, an animator makes rough drawings to estimate the number of frames that he will require to project an action. This whole process is not just lengthy but can be costly too. After completion of the drawings, each individual frame is photographed.

But nowadays, tablets are used to for traditional animation and thus, photography of frames is not required. Traditional animation can be very interesting for people who are good at drawing and enjoy color pencils and water colors This definitely needs a lot of drawing skills since you have to practically draw each character.

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