Experimental Methods

In a stop motion, photo of the object is taken and then it is moved slightly and again another photo is taken.So, this process is done repeatedly and once it is done, these photos are played in a sequence which gives an illusion of motion. It is a lot like traditional animation but it does not use drawings but uses real life materials like clay models etc.

There are different types of stop motion animation such as Claymation, puppets, cut out, silhouette and pixilation. Claymation is a very popular type of stop motion animation. This uses clay or play-doh characters which are manipulated very conveniently for animation.

Sometime puppets are used for animation. In a cut out stop motion, cardboard characters are placed on a paper and the animation is shot from above. Then, the cardboard is gradually moved so that it creates an illusion of motion.

Silhouette animation uses a flat material or a cardboard and it keeps its object black depicting the shots with silhouette. This is the oldest type of stop motion. Pixelation uses real environments and real people. It involves still photos and moving things but instead of using puppets, it uses real people.

Simple 2D

Values are always a guiding factor about how we interact amongst ourselves.
These also tell us about out behaviour with our clients, our partners and in our community.